About Music Academy

"Komi Hirose Music Academy", where musician Kohmi Hirose is the principal, finally opened in January 2021 🏫 This is a school where everyone can enjoy learning music.
The theme is "Music For ALL" .
The meaning of ALL is ... I wanted to create a place where everyone can enjoy playing and learning music, regardless of their age or nationality, whether they are good at music or not.
This is everyone's school.
We would like to create a new community about music.
We are thinking of forming a chorus group, collaborating with you online on music, holding a Vocal pedagogy seminar, and having a lot of fun.

Please look forward to the content "Every Day Lesson" where veteran vocal trainers certified by Kohmi Hirose will give comments and 1-point advice every day to the videos you sang .
Any member can participate.

A project called "Diva & Divo Championship" will be held to commemorate the opening of the Music Academy .
✨ Please look forward to the video delivered by Principal Kohmi Hirose on maniac themes such as "song, composition, lyrics, piano, song analysis".
For all the members, we will also release Komi Hirose's original "Voice Method".
In addition to that, we will also hold seminars and lectures related to music on a regular basis with live distribution exclusively for members .
🗝 Members-only content
"EveryDay Lesson": Content that gives daily comments and 1-point advice to videos posted by everyone.
● Viewing video distribution: Distribution of the vocal curriculum video of Principal Kohmi Hirose, which can only be seen here, and the series project "I tried to play"
Members-only live distribution: Held irregularly, a place where Principal Kohmi Hirose responds to comments from everyone
Participating in the " community", supporting the " community", and having a lot of "participatory" content ✨
Members-only lesson application is possible (lessons are charged)
Music Academy management member introduction
Kohmi Hirose Music Academy Division
General Manager

○ Learned the electone for about 10 years from an early age and became familiar with music. From 2014, he learned the basics of voice training under Kohmi Hirose in order to expand his live performances and music activities. ○ In 2015, she made her debut as a voice trainer as an instructor certified by Kohmi Hirose. Theoretical and clear lessons and friendly instruction have earned the support of many students. He is also active as a trainer for new teachers. ○ Special skills are English and French (also an English teacher) We provide English lessons online to foreign students who are not good at Japanese. He is also good at teaching pronunciation of Western music and chanson. ○ Currently, while accumulating achievements such as Kohmi Hirose's music assistant, backing chorus (Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra: Starlight Symphony in December 2019), spread the activities of the senior chorus group "Forever Young" that he has formed. Active in a wide range of music activities

RIE SAWAI (wish)
Kohmi Hirose Music Assistant Singer-songwriter
○ Komi Hirose Method Learned "speaking method using the body" and was recognized for her wonderful talent than Komi Hirose, and she is also active as an instructor. Currently in charge of idols, announcers, etc.
○ While working as an assistant to Kohmi Hirose, she will perform live in various parts of Japan as a singer-songwriter. Providing CM song songs, participating in recordings and tours as a backing chorus for various artists. He is also active as a club singer in Yokohama, Tokyo.
○ Launch the "Music Circle of Japan" project to support natural disaster reconstruction.
In March 2019, we invited Kohmi Hirose as a guest to a successful concert at Zepp Sapporo, and in September 2019 at Yokohama Kannai Hall, and this project is continuously expanding.
○ Release
2011 1st album "Fighting people"
2016 2nd album "All the year round"
2021 3rd album will be released



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