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Nice to meet you, I am a community leader of Music Academy

This is the voice trainer "Sato-chan 😃 ".

😃 Sato-chan Profile: A veteran with 7 years of experience as a voice trainer under Kohmi Hirose. Use the vocalization method of Kohmi Hirose to brighten the world with "songs" and "music"! !! He is always positive and active.

He is also the leader of the senior chorus group "Forever Young". It is a companion who sends music power together with Kohmi Hirose across the world.

Special Skills: English (I also teach English), French (I studied at university)

😃 Profile: 7-year veteran voice trainer under Kohmi Hirose. Using the vocal method of Kohmi Hirose, she will brighten up the world with "songs" and "music"!

She is always positive and full of energy.

She is also the leader of the senior chorus group "ForeverYoung". And will be working with Kohmi Hirose to spread the power of music around the world.

Special skills: English (I am also an English teacher), French (I studied at university)

😃 A word as a community leader of "Music Academy":

From now on, I would like to continue to create new and meaningful communities here with you.

I think music has the power to heal, encourage, and change behavior.

I think everyone has the experience of being encouraged by music when they get a little stumbled upon work or life, or when they feel depressed.

While working on music in many ways, I realized that it was rewarding to "make someone other than myself happy."

One of them is the activity of this senior group " Forever Young" .

At first, I think that the senior members who participated participated with a light feeling of "for their own health and for their hobbies", but from 2019 onward, they will go on business trips to numerous senior care centers and perform in 2020. In the Corona Whirlpool of the year, he crossed national borders and performed online collaborative concerts with American teams, and transmitted the scale, influence and power of music beyond imagination.

I would like you to take pride in being one of the finest entertainers.

I would like to continue to create such a community and realize with you what you can never do alone.


😃 I'm looking forward to creating a new and meaningful community here with you.

I believe that music has the power to heal, encourage, and change people's behavior.

I think everyone has had the experience of being cheered up by music when they were feeling a little down in the dumps of work or life.

As I have been involved in music in various ways, I have realized that it is rewarding to "make someone else happy.

One such activity is the "ForeverYoung" senior group.

However, since 2019, they have been traveling to many senior care centers to perform, and under the 2020 COVID, they crossed borders to perform a collaborative concert with a world-famous team in the US named "Young @ Heart"

I would like to continue to create this kind of community and achieve things with you that I could never do alone.

😃 What is Forever Young:

In 2014 , Sato-chan, who became a voice trainer at that time, started activities based in Yokohama (Hiyoshi) with four members. The average age is 75 years old, and about 15 active members.

" Forever Young " Team Philosophy:
The idea is that " I want to revitalize society and people with songs ."
Singing makes you feel healthier and brighter, and the power is transmitted to the people around you. From 2019 , we have been energetically working on activities such as visiting senior centers , keeping in mind activities that are conscious of not only ourselves but also those around us .

In December 2020, a collaboration was realized at a Christmas online concert with the American senior chorus group "Young @ Heart".

The challenges of passionate seniors and passionate Sato-chan , who constantly confront new things and continue to grow, will continue.

Please support the team with "Heart" 💖.

😃 In 2014, SATO chan who had just become a voice trainer at the time, started working with four members based

in Yokohama JAPAN.

The "ForeverYoung" team philosophy is based on the idea of

“Empowering people and society through song”. Singing makes people healthy and feel good,

and that power is transmitted to the people around us.

Our activities, always based on not just for ourselves,

but for someone else.

We have been working for visiting the Senior Center.

We have had various encounters and goodbyes,

and currently have about 15 members with an average age of 75. We have been blessed with many talented members.

Our powerful challenge is continue ...



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